Preparation time:
35 min., excluding the cooking time of the octopus
Quantity for:
4 servings
800 g octopus
30 g Sabo olive oil
1 leaf laurel
30 g parsley stalks
60 g onion
pce lemon
1 pce garlic clove
160 g white celery stalks
30 g parsley leaves
8 pce raclette potatoes
20 g lemon juice
50 g walnut oil
1 pinch salt and pepper
Suggested wine:
Fiano di Avellino
Wash and peel the celery and cut into fine slices, wash and shred the parsley leaves and wash the potatoes.
Cooking instructions:
Dissolve the salt and pepper in the lemon juice and make an emulsion with the walnut oil. In a heavy covered pan, pour in the olive oil and put in the octopus with the laurel leaf and parsley stalks, onions, half the lemon, and the garlic with its husk. Cover and put on medium heat. Cook about one and a half hours, checking to be sure it does not stick to the pan, stirring gently, without adding extra liquid (the octopus is cooked when the tips are soft to the touch). Leave a while to rest in the closed pan. Clean the tentacles, removing the suction cups and cut into bite-size pieces.
In another pan, steam or boil the potatoes in salted water, then peel and cut into fine regular slices. Mix the octopus with the celery stalk, add the parsley, and season with of the oil and lemon.
Serving ideas:
In the middle of a plate, arrange the potato slices in a circle, season with the remaining lemon condiment, and put the warm octopus salad in the centre. Garnish with the celery leaves.
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